Eton College Chapel Choir 伊頓公學聖詩合唱團


Eton College founded by King Henry VI in 1440 is a reputable independent school in the UK that provides a stimulation all-round education. They embrace new opportunities within teaching and learning and encourage students to engage in extra-curricular activities like music and sports. Music-related facilities including a purpose-built orchestral rehearsal room, a concert hall, recording room and practice rooms are built extensively around the campus. Hence, a large portion of students boarding the school develop a profound interest in classical music. Senior boys put on their own concert in the forms of orchestra, jazz band, wind band, pipe band, chamber ensembles as well as choirs to leverage their skill on a practical level and accumulate experiences in the discipline of music. Their orchestra and choirs give occasional outside concerts and the College Chapel Choir goes on a two-week concert tour every Easter Holidays.


This year, we are more than honored to be given the chance to provide hospitality and organizing assistance to Eton College Chapel Choir during their stay in Hong Kong in April. A variety of activities have been arranged into the schedule to maximize both the choir’s overseas experience and local audience’ chances of enjoying classical music. First of all, Eton College Chapel Choir and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra will be co-operating for the first time to deliver a performance of a supreme quality. There will also be knowledge and cultural exchanging sessions between the Choir and Good Hope School (GHS) and Diocesan Boys’ School. In an addition to their touring activities, the Choir will be singing in worship services in St. John Cathedral, Hong Kong and St. Joseph Seminary Church, Macau respectively.

Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
Facebook Video 1
Rehearsal with Eton College Chapel Choir
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Eton – I Wan’na Be Like You from the Jungle Book

Credit to: HK Phil Facebook