計劃行程時的小提示 Notes to help you plan your TOUR

標準付款準則和時間 Standard Payment Schedule


In order to make commitments to our suppliers, ACFEA Tour Consultants requires a non-refundable deposit and signed contract to begin making arrangements for your tour. One or two interim payments will be required, with the final balance due 60 days prior to travel.

  • 請注意我們報價的團費是根據各團的人數而定的
  • 如您的團體人數有增減,請盡快通知我們好讓我們作修正後告知您最新消費
  • Please note that our quotation is based on a specific number of paying
  • Please keep us informed of any changes to your group size and we will advise you of the revised land price of your tour

團體宣傳 Promoting Your Group


  • 繳交最終款項
  • 最終参加者的列表以及他們顯示在身份證明文件上的姓名
  • 每次住宿的團體名單
  • 家庭寄宿申請表(如適用)
  • 最終活動文件(請注意,各團體有責任自行將文件翻譯成所需的語言)
  • 所有攜行樂器或超大型行李的列表
  • 團隊內每個參加者的緊急聯絡人(須包括在隊內的以及自己家人之中的緊急聯絡人)

Once the contract has been signed and deposit paid, please send us your promotional materials as
soon as possible. Performances cannot be confirmed until promotional materials have been
received. Please see ‘Promotional Materials’ for further information.
60 Days Before Travel Checklist:

  • Payment of the final balance
  • A final list of participants, with names (exactly as they appear on passports), dates of birth, passport numbers, dietary requirements and any special requirements
  • Rooming lists for each accommodation
  • Home stay application forms (if appropriate)
  • Final repertoire (please note it is the group’s responsibility to provide printed programs with all necessary translations)
  • A final list of instruments and / or oversised baggage (if appropriate)
  • Emergency contact information for your group, both on the tour and at home

各專有名詞的定義 Definition of Terms

音樂表演 Performances 表演可以包含在不同場合的表演,最主要可分為以下類別:
Performances may be organised in a range of venues and can consist of the following:

演奏會 – 正式、完整的表演。我們給樂團提供的報價已包括場地租用費和宣傳費(包括海報設計及印刷、派發宣傳單張、以及本地媒體的廣告費用等)
Concert – a formal, full-length performance. Our quotation includes venue hire, and full publicity and promotion by the production of posters, distribution of fliers, and advertisements in local media. Groups are responsible for providing their own printed concert program in the local language

為小型音樂會 – 為短暫停留的觀眾準備、較不正式的演出
Informal Recital – an opportunity to perform a shorter program, possibly to a transient audience in an informal setting

教會獻唱服務– 在特定的社會活動或服務中提供與場景相符的音樂演出,亦有可能是在服務結束後才演出。但一切表演詳情將在我們接收到團體的宣傳資料後才能確定(請查閱「團體資訊宣傳」文件。)
Service Participation – an opportunity to perform appropriate music during a service. There may be the opportunity to give a short recital after the service. Performances can only be confirmed upon receipt of promotional materials (please see “Promoting your group”).
住宿 Accommodation由於酒店的評級標準因國家而異,我們將不會以星級標準將酒店分級,但會以下列名詞代替: As hotel classification varies from country to country, we do not use the star-rating system. Instead, we use the following terms:

豪華套間 – 舒適和奢華程度為最高級別的單人房或雙人房(一張雙人床或兩張單人),包含住客私人服務
Deluxe – the highest level of comfort, luxury and guest services, in single, double and twin-bedded rooms with private facilities

高級旅遊套間 – 舒適程度為較高級別的單人房或雙人房(一張雙人床或兩張單人),包含住客私人服務。房間內一般設有冷氣(視乎該酒店有否提供),衛星電視、直通國際電話、迷你酒吧,以及風筒
Superior Tourist Class –
a high level of comfort, in single, double and twin-bedded rooms with private facilities. Rooms are likely to have air-conditioning (where available) and amenities such as satellite TV, direct-dial telephone, minibars and hairdryers

普通套間 – 不算奢華但整潔舒適的單人房或雙人房(一張雙人床或兩張單人),包含住客私人服務
Tourist Class – clean and comfortable, but not luxurious, in single, double, twin- and triple-bedded rooms with private facilities

學生宿舍/ 青年旅舍/ 宗教團體提供的住宿 – 有獨立的學習用房間,但一般是多人共用的房間,最多十二人一間,內含共用設備。參加者需自行準備毛巾和其他可能需要的日常用品。團體的領導可能會受安排入住數量有限的較小型房間
Student Accommodation / Youth Hostels / Religious Institutes – sometimes individual study rooms, often multi-bedded dormitories of up to 12 sharing, with shared facilities. Groups are required to bring their own towels. A limited number of smaller rooms may be available for group leaders
Breakfast may be hot or cold, often a buffet. Lunches and dinners are two- or three-course meals, or sometimes buffets, with water provided. Other drinks may be purchased by diners individually.
Unless otherwise stated, the coach is available for your private use throughout the tour. Local regulations on drivers’ hours and rest periods must be observed.
ACFEA Tour Consultant’s policy is for all of our tours to be accompanied by an experienced courier who acts as Tour Manager for your group. Their job is to assist with the smooth running of all operational aspects of the tour, ensuring that you and your staff’s time can be spent on musical and pastoral matters – and of course, enjoying the trip! We select couriers with facilities for language and leadership. They will be fully briefed before departure and will hold a wide range of back-up contact information. During the tour they are encouraged to constantly call ahead to smooth the path for the group on all aspects of its travels. They will assist with hotel check-ins, meals, reminding suppliers of dietary and medical requirements, and will liaise with the responsible people for all your concert venues. During the tour they are your first point of contact should you have any queries about any aspect of your arrangements, including the unlikely events of either a complaint or an emergency.
Although our couriers will be familiar with most of the places you are going to visit, they should not be expected to lead guided tours unless they hold the requisite licenses.Our couriers are be responsible for those aged under 18, or for any matters relating to discipline within the group. We would encourage you to share any “house rules” with them in advance so they can help you, your staff and chaperones (if applicable) in such matters. It is Company Policy that are couriers do not make contact with tour participants under the age of 18 without your own staff in attendance. We believe strongly that a good courier and a good working relationship between courier and tour leader can add immensely to the success of a tour. We hope you will happily endorse that view at the conclusion of your trip!
Guided Sightseeing Tours
Local, professional tour guides may be booked for half-day guided sightseeing tours, by coach, on foot, or a mixture of the two. Entrances to monuments are not included unless specified.